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WebDigix is famous for its content writers who not only use top keywords but from the LSI or Latent Symantec Indexing keywords as well. Ever wondered how some sites manage to rise to the very top in Google’s Search Engine Rankings? Well, the secret sauce used in this recipe wherein relevant, informative and keyword rich content is thrown in which also attracts the readers. Content, which not only describes the topic it also prods the readers to interact and be a part of discussion is what attracts Google, the Search Engine par excellence.

Types of Content Writing

  • Blog posts,
  • Pages (like About Us),
  • Articles for content directories,
  • Newsletters,
  • Press releases,
  • Facebook & Twitter posts
  • Testimonials
  • Review posts,
  • Forum posts, and
  • Comments

Professional Content Writers that handle all topics under the Sun

That is right. Our professional content writers are well versed with most topics in vogue today and also have the capability to research the internet and present latest, factually correct text in an easy to read and assimilate language. The language used by our content writers is very simple and scores good ranks in many readability tests.

Appealing Content increases Web Traffic and Good for Capturing Leads

Readers are fond of sharing good content and this increases the traffic, which most search engines love. Moreover, the same text when written convincingly well works best for capturing leads too. Therefore, you hit two birds with one hit and also generate positive vibes about your site as well.

It is a fact that simple content interests every visitor and the more he stays the lesser the bounce rate of your website, which increases its overall score. It won’t be out of place to mention that extended stay encourages the visitor to navigate around the site and explore all that you have created.

Good Content Describes the Whole Picture

Though a picture is better than thousand words, you need content to explain what that picture is all about. It also tells what the picture omitted and what other relevant points it may have missed out. Depending on the target audience, the text can often include some light-hearted tones while explaining some difficult topics.

Content is the Magnet that Attracts

You might have read Content is King! This is what is understood and indexed by all search engines and helps the visitors on the Internet to arrive at your site. The more content your site has, the chances of having more footfalls increase tremendously. This is the sole reason why each and every website lays extra emphasis on having related topics with maximum information. The more varied and the more versatile content you publish on your pages & posts, the better performance you can expect from the search engines.

SEO optimized Content Writing

Today the content needs to be written where some essential keywords are arranged in a particular order. There is also the need to include LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords or in short mean related or synonyms used as keywords. This is because not every person searches using the exact words and more often than not uses identically meaning words. This is the sole reason why search engines have emphasized this rule to ensure writers don’t “stuff” keywords for maximum readability.

For example when we talk about “foods” they can be described as Tasty, Delicious, Yummy, Lip-smacking, Salivating … and when a reader searches for “Tasty Foods” this content can easily be shown in results. But for it to happen, the content writer should be aware of the related words associated with the topic and our panel of writers are fully aware.

Thoroughly Proofread & Edited

Our turnaround time is less than our competitors because our writers have the knack of writing well-constructed sentences in one go. Still, for client’s sake, we check all of our text using Grammarly and other similar web-based utilities and what reaches you is fully edited & proofread text which shines.

Target-Audience Oriented Language

Our Content Writing Services keep track of the suggested target audience. We ensure that throughout the treatise we maintain the same tone intended and use proper words that justify their usage. We use minimal punctuation so that the flow is not disturbed unnecessarily. As per the latest trend, we ensure minimal words are either italicized or kept bold for emphasis. In extraordinary situations only, we use small-caps.

Content Writing for Print Services

Though web is prevalent everywhere, the importance of printed word cannot be ignored. Most Seminars, Exhibitions and corporate presentations need tastefully decorated and designed leaflets & brochures. Needless to say, our team handles these tasks with aplomb!

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